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08/14/19 12:59 PM #8808    


Dick Barney

I want to say thank you to all who sent pictures and to Candi for compiling all of them so I was able to wander through yesterday and see old comrades.  Janet, I missed not being able to be there and HEAR your talk.  I loved reading it.  I could feel the laughter and just see all of us riding our bikes (Mrs Barney didn't get the message about DDT fog.)  All the kids in my neighborhood rode right behind it laughing.....  I couldn't quite find the amount of time to stay around for the reunion after being in Kearney for my mom's passing and service.  It was my loss.  The best to all of you who were there and I second Dave's request for names of all in the picture.  I kept trying to enlarge the photos to see the name tags but to no avail.  Thanks to Brownie for putting me on the phone with Patty McClara and Dave and Painer.  That was fun....

08/14/19 03:59 PM #8809    


Laurie Bragg (Sorkin)

Bravo, Janet!!! If only I could have been there to hear you speak!  Any videos?? Thank you for the photos, Candi. Any hints about how to enlarge the group photo enough to see name tags?

08/14/19 07:00 PM #8810    


Candi Imming

 Most of the images sent do not have the resolution required to get readable name tags.  

I enlarged and gave numbers to six group shot portions.  I have identified everyone visible in the enlarged group shots 1-4.  5 and 6  only Identify the ppl hidden in 1-4...kind of. You can also download or enlarge them with your fingers on a pad or phone.  Lana, who was behind you?  I cannot tell.

Not everyone came both nights.  So not all attendees are in the group photos.  Hope this satisfies the needs.

This reminds me of Wray Cummings and his repeat request in 2009 for labeled images. 

08/19/19 02:31 AM #8811    


Lana Horn (Christensen)

Does anyone remember Mitch Whaley? I know he went to junior high with us. 

08/19/19 02:31 AM #8812    


Lana Horn (Christensen)

Does anyone remember Mitch Whaley? I know he went to junior high with us. 

08/19/19 02:41 AM #8813    


Lana Horn (Christensen)

 Candy, I think Celia Hoffman was behind me as well as Rhonda Anderson.  Where are the names listed Candi?

08/19/19 10:43 AM #8814    


Candi Imming

The names are in the description of each photograph. Select an image and you should be able to see who took it and the description.  I did figure out it was Rhonda.  

Btw, we created a group in Facebook called KHS 1969 Rowdies and I think we invited everyone we knew was there. Not all have accepted the invite yet. It just offers another place to share and interact.

08/19/19 11:02 AM #8815    


Randy Brown

I remember Mitch, but his name is about all I remember.

08/19/19 07:03 PM #8816    


Wayne Garrelts

I also remember the name Mitch Whaley, but like Brownie, that is about it. Sorry this is so late, but want to thank everyone for a super great 69 Reunion. I was so busy visiting, and even then I missed talking to some of you, so will have to catch up next time. I didn't take very many photos but shared on facebook what I had. But most of all would like to thank everyone who had a hand in working on putting it all together. Janet, what a great speech!, Wolfie and Mary K put in a ton of work, and Monte and Barb, the Veteran tribute was touching and very much appreciated, and to the rest of the committee (I am sure I will leave somebody out, SORRY), Eve, Mary Louise, Betty,  and Nancy and of course Mr BROWNIE! THANKS to all of you. Hope everyone left with great memories and more to do on their bucket list! GOROWDIES!

08/19/19 10:00 PM #8817    


Janet Browne (Rose)

Lana: I went to the 9th grade Snowflake with Mitch.  Seems like they moved away very soon after that.., maybe even Christmas break.  He had a younger sister but I don’t remember her name.  There is an obit from 2012 for a Mitch Whaley from Calloway, born in 1951, but I don’t know if it is our classmate.

08/25/19 07:53 PM #8818    


Gary Day

Thanks class of 1969 for the Certificate of Honor placed on me and the other veterans for our military service. I just received it in the mail today.

Two  things stands out most when I was in basic training. That is the bayonette and everything you had to respond to had to be shouted to the top of your lungs.. The drill seargents would ask us "what is the spirit of the bayonette!"? Our response was "To kill, drill seargent, TO KILL!!!

 It is very nice to get recognition after so many years. It was my honor to go to Germany and be a breakdown recovery specialist for a commercial transportation company. Thankfuly,  I never had to kill anyone.

Very best regards, 69'ers,

Gary Day 


08/26/19 01:10 PM #8819    


Barb Franz (Meyer)

Gary, so glad you received certificate. Than you for your service and welcome home.I always enjoy hearing a veteran's story. Thanks again, Barb F M

08/27/19 03:35 PM #8820    


Susan Reiber (Holt)

Sorry this is so late, but it does not take away from the gratitude I feel for all the Veterans who were honored at the reunion. I knew the names of some of you, but thanks to our classmates, who pulled this altogether, we could recognize all of you! I will never forget the lottery, sitting with my sweetheart, and hearing his number as the 7th one called. I will always be thankful and in awe of my friends that served!    Also, many thanks to those of you who once again gave us an unforgettable time!  I had so much fun, but I can't believe how many classmates I didnt get to spend time with! I'm looking forward to the 55th!  I dont know how much help can be done long distance, but count me in if you can find a job for me.  I will treasure each and every minute I got to spend with my awesome classmates! The class of 69 is like no other!



08/28/19 11:07 AM #8821    


Martha Rivero (Helton)

Well said Susie. Wally and I can’t wait for the next one. Barb Meyer is who Honored our veteran classmates. It was touching, wonderful and well deserved πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ We thank them ALL for their service. Also agree our only regret was not visiting with more...although catching up does take some time πŸ˜‚ ...After visiting my cousins in Omaha we got to see the devastation  from the floods on our farmersπŸ’” I was brought to tears and broken hearted.  We pray somehow, someway that Nebraska Stong mentality get them through..... SEE YOU ALL IN 5! Can’t waitβ€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘






08/29/19 05:45 PM #8822    


Wayne Garrelts

Susie and Martha, thank you, joining the Navy was one of the best things I ever did, I was not a hero but was proud for serving my country. Never regretted it. And a huge thanks to Monte and Barb for all the hard work they did for the presentation. It was very moving for me and all the others would agree. Sorry I didn't get around to talking to you two more, plus some others. A great reunion.

08/29/19 09:14 PM #8823    


Nancy Rogers (Williams)

Thank you to all our classmates who served us and our country so bravely and patriotically.  I’m so happy Barb and Monte honored them.  We are grateful.

08/30/19 09:25 AM #8824    


Candi Imming

I think I have received all of the reunion pictures available for sharing.  I will add any recent pictures of you that you would like to share, in case you were at the reunion but had no picture,  or you were not at the reunion but would like to share “ I am still alive and kicking” image.  All would be appreciated and you have creative control.

08/31/19 08:01 AM #8825    


Gary Day

High school graduation. Time to choose a path. Everything was new out there and what had I learned to become self-sufficient. To me it was get out of town and the military presented an opportunity, All I had to do was two years time and  whatever they wanted me to do. Yes, I was prepared for Viet Nam. But! If that was what my country wanted and apparently needed I could pay the ultimate price and there would be no more time. That is going to happen anyway.

I saw the benefits a person like myself could advantage from being a proud American. First, was the privelage to serve and the rest would be a lifetime of great benefits. Our country takes care of it's veterans and that could be why we are so strong. 

Writing this, now, is making me well-up inside with  pride of country. It is like the pride we "class of '69 share, too.

As a group we played a particular part in the schemes of that time. Rowdy or not we were there to present ourselves to prepare for whatever was ahead of us.  What we all did afterwards as countrymen was go off and build a good life and live the dream. It was there for the taking.

Steave Eatherton once told me "life is good". So simple, but saying it and seeing his face as he said it I knew Steve was as self-actualized person I have ever known,  Mike Blocker got me recruited to cast a concrete memorial some of you may rememer in Steve's honor. It was perfect because I was one of Steve's many friends. In fact if Steve knew were his friend,

Many of us has recognized that by knowing someone like Steve you could take on his persona in feeling good and being truly happy. That was Steve and maybe also why so many of us respect his memory. His spirit lives on.

We are in our golden years now.  I wish everybody out there in "class of '69 land and spirit " god bless.

PS: Wayne, You said something like 'military was the best thing you ever did'. I'll bet you would do it again, I know I would too. That kind of experience sticks with you, buddy! 


09/02/19 09:21 AM #8826    


Gary Day

I was new and headed back to my barracks from company supply. This is in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. This Lieutenant was about to pass me by and I was thinking I will get my ass chewed for not saluting him, but I had never saluted before. So, I just acted like I knew what I was doing and saluted him and smiled and said good morning, sir. He challenged me immediately and asked me if I was disrespecting him!  I said "oh my god... no . Then he left me alone going on his way. In general it was like that to start and got easier towards the end. Apparently to be a fighting man you need to be really mean. Like kill people mean.

This picture is on the rifle range with me and that 1st Lieutenant. He wanted his shot posing with me. I felt like he wanted to show me it was ok.

Does anybody agree I look like a killler, not. Those were the days January , February and March, 1970.


09/17/19 06:16 PM #8827    


Gary Day

I ramble not know if I am boring...and do not care. This honor of having served stimulates my memory of what happened then. May I share?

Nope, aint notin makes me more prowder. To be a real American a serving my country, but, for Viet Nam. Least we forget what happened there I have to talk about the elephant in the room.

When I came home I was disrespected. My favorite reaction when I told a prospective employer, happily, " just got  out of the Army, sir". Their eyes always went to my shoes. The army taught me to keep them highly polished. 

You know, I'm sorry if I havent been the best person in our class and certainly not popular in the sense I hung out with the wild side. I get it.

Don't get me wrong, fellow classmates, memories have a way of being. You are really the only ones with whom I can truly identify those formative years in kearney High School CLASS OF 69!!! YEAH!


09/17/19 07:12 PM #8828    


Gary Day

Anybody go to Woodstock?

09/18/19 12:25 PM #8829    


Martha Rivero (Helton)


Gary Day,

First thank you for your service...I’ve enjoyed reading your memories of those times and of  our class mates.  

I cannot begin to express my love for this country.  The list would be never ending, but at the top of the list would be our eternal thanks for providing me and my family a home when we had to flee ours. Followed next by the appreciation to those that fight every day for our freedoms... like you (our veterans).  When you lose your freedom like  my family did that appreciation and respect is something that will never be forgotten. The older I get the more precious my freedom becomes.

 So, thank you again to ALL those that have served...

Forever thankful and never forgotten,

Martha Rivero Helton β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’™

09/18/19 06:58 PM #8830    

Douglas Milo Thunberg

All KHS 69 Rowdies, Many thanks for the T-Shirt. I recognized most of the classmate names. I'm elevated to be affiliated with such tight knit classmates after 50 years. John 15: 1,10 , Eph 2: 8,9 , Mat 5: 14-16 , James 1: 2-4 Love One Another, Douglas "Mighty Milo" Thunberg



10/02/19 06:27 AM #8831    


Gary Day


Thank you for your kind words. I do remember hearing something about your experience coming to Kearney from Cuba, was it? That would be nice to hear a little more about. Fleeing a dictatorship had to be a desparate situation, but, living free is really what it is all about.

My stories bring more of the events I experienced while being there, in particular military lifestyle. As I arrived in Manheim Germany and was assigned to my company there in the city I took up with a bunch of new friends and went to see the movie M.A.S.H.  How appropriate was that!  Satire like that and Catch 22 are my alltime favorites.

Anyway, you are right. It is every military veteran as well as those serving today that makes us feel safe. Glad you and your family made it out.


10/06/19 02:39 PM #8832    


Gary Day

By the way, Mike Blocher. Sorry I mispelled your name. earlier. If there are three steadies in this gluing together thing we have it is from you, Gary Paine and Brownie. Thanks for what you all do. Girls, you know who your are, thanks also.

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