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07/09/18 09:53 PM #8668    


Betty Lindholm (Streff)

Our grandson Nick and Steve Eatherton’s grandson Nolan are teammates on Legion Baseball Post 52. Often Nick catches when Nolan pitches. Our grandkids are growing up! One in college, two will be juniors already. They are the joy of my heart! Super crazy lake hair but we caught them all for 5 minutes on the Fourth.❤️


I was in awe of Wray for all the reasons everyone has shared. When we first learned of his illness I sent him a couple of cards. I’d like to send a card to the family. What family does he leave? Where did he live? Is there an address? 




07/10/18 08:11 AM #8669    


Betty Lindholm (Streff)

Something to think about!!

07/10/18 10:11 AM #8670    

Dick Garrelts (70)

Wray's services are pending.  Online condolences to the family may be sent to

More information will be provided as it is available.


07/11/18 01:28 PM #8671    


Kathy Hiner (Woodard)

Betty - interesting blog and yes, it does give you food for thought. Hope all is well with you, enjoyed seeing pictures of your family on the 4th.  

Thank you Dick for the info about where to send condolences.

07/11/18 11:03 PM #8672    

Dick Garrelts (70)

Glad to be of assistance, Kathy.

As underclassmen, we often viewed the 69ers as big brothers ... that's where we'll be next year; who do I want to emulate, ...  I was merely an acquaintance of Wray, who was in fact my friend's big brother. Wray was one who commanded respect and admiration. I'll always remember him that way.

07/12/18 12:08 AM #8673    


Julie Ender (Jackson)

Smart, handsome, funny and so much more.  "Cool Wray" Cummings.  A well deserved nick name.

07/12/18 12:53 PM #8674    


Nancy Rogers (Williams)

March 28, 1951 - July 6, 2018

Donald Wray Cummings died July 6 after a long struggle with cancer, throughout which he remained ever optimistic that he would triumph. Born March 28, 1951, in Scottsbluff to Don and Dorothy Cummings, he grew up in Kearney where he graduated from high school and later college. Wray moved to Lincoln where he married and gained his most treasured title of “Dad”.

Preceded in death by his parents and brother Kim. Survived by son Christopher Cummings, daughter Katie (Josh) Kettel, and brother Jerry Cummings, all of Lincoln.

His ashes will be interned at Lincoln Memorial Cemetery. Services pending at a later date. The family requests any memoriam sent to the Capital Humane Society.

07/12/18 02:16 PM #8675    


Susan Reiber (Holt)

I am sad to hear of Wray's passing, and like the rest of you, glad his suffering is over. Lots of good memories, especially of watching all the guys in "the band" practicing. Wray always enjoyed it when he knew he went over my head with his intellect and humor. (Which was quite often). He woud smile that wry smile knowing I was just pretending to know what the heck he was talking about! He was so gifted, onery, and handsome.  It is a blessing to have known him, and to be able to call him my friend. Rest in peace, dear friend.

07/16/18 02:39 PM #8676    


Randy Brown

07/16/18 02:43 PM #8677    


Randy Brown

Borrowed picture from Morrison posting to N.R.W.

07/17/18 02:50 PM #8678    


Susan Reiber (Holt)

Randy, I just looked at all the wonderful pictures of Kearney you posted. I believe Kenwood School was where some of us went to Kindergarten.  I rode my bike there all the way from Shady Lane Motel.  And when it snowed I walked there through the snow. Guess that would be child abuse and parent neglect these days. I remember they had a HUGE pile cardbooard blocks, and we got to fingerpaint alot.  I also remember how I hated those painful red marks my red rubber boots made on the backs of my legs .  I'm sure that there are a lot of us that have that memory.

07/17/18 10:31 PM #8679    

Denise King (Capek)

Also sad at Wray's passing.   It is a loss for all, especially his family.  Wray had a rare combination of high intelligence and creativity.  When we were in the 5 th grade at Emerson, there was a weekly assignment to write a story using all 20 of the week's spelling words.  Wray wrote a hilarious story about a space alien trying to fit in on Earth, but kept getting tripped up by language idioms.  It opened my eyes to the creative opportunity that assignment was instead of a drudgery.  Those of us who has been writing "see Spot run stories", greatly improved our efforts.   Wray unintentionally made those around him do better, just trying to keep up.   Ripples on the pond the way our lives touch others.  Yes the world is a less cool place with Wray's passing.  To everything there is a season... A time to laugh ( with the memories) and a time to weep ( with the loss )   Sincerest sympathies to his family

07/19/18 04:13 PM #8680    


Randy Brown


I tried to call, but got voice mail box. . . . Hmmm.

Those pictures of Kearney were posted years ago. Need to up date the photos.

The school you are thinking about is  A.O. Thomas, now Thomas Hall on the K.S.C. or now U.N.K. campus.  They had kindergarden in the room on the west end of the building, 1 - 6 elementry classes also. I went there until I transfered to Whittier in third grade. Met Patty McClara! You were at Whittier at that time. The bike ride you took was about a mile along Hiway 30 past the Corral Cafe.

I also remember the Huge pile of Huge red brick ( cardboard ) blocks, ( about the size of a shoe box ). I talked my Mom into taking me back when  I was older so I could play with them again.

I remember the finger paints, how they smelled, and how they tasted. Paste was good too.

Do you remember your rug? Mine was a blue and white tied rag type with the loose end fringe. We brought our rugs from home so we had something to lay on when we took our naps on the concrete floor.

The wosrt part was the snack they gave us. The graham crackers were ok, but had to wash them down with room temp. unsweetened grapefruit juice. Took effort. What an education.


P.S. Never wore the red rubber boots, mine were black, and if you did not buckel them, your two boots would lock together and down you would go in the slush puddle you were not to be playing in.

07/20/18 05:16 PM #8681    

Dick Garrelts (70)

a message to the Class from Jerry Cummings ... "Their comments have touched us deeply."

"I just finished reading the 69er comments about Wray and am deeply touched.  Seeing your brother through the eyes of his friends is a special perspective.  As a lad I knew him best from the bumps and bruises brothers ‘inflict’ upon each other as the ritual brothers experience enroute to manhood.  Bob, I empathize with your recollection of ’the lick’.
Since returning to the States and Lincoln in 2016, I got to spend time with Wray in ways we, as kids, never envisioned.  I was his transport to Omaha for his medical appointments at the UNO Medical Center.  I assumed that role from Sally Johnson whose devotion exceeds my ability to describe and Sid Connor who exemplifies the highest example of human love for one’s fellow man.
Most of our trips began with me bloviating about whatever was on my mind…usually politics.  The ‘conversations’ were largely one-sided given Wray’s inability at that point to speak; so I had the advantage of not having to parry him shredding my positions.  What a loss that; his voice was so soothing and most often carried thoughts worthy to consider.
Our visits would range in time from a couple of hours to several hours, depending on whether he would receive chemo or simply undergo labs.  Regardless of the procedure, he would meet me in the waiting area, apologize for having kept me waiting and express his appreciation for my time.  Never complain, never demonstrate self-pity.  The return trips were usually in complete silence because he’d fall into a deep and exhausted sleep.
We were scheduled to return to Omaha on 13 June so the physicians could assess his condition and proscribe the next treatments.  We didn’t make it.  Wray fell ill and was admitted to Bryan West where he received the most attentive and caring medical assistance possible.  His family was with him daily and a nurse purchased a cloth kitten to keep him company during our absence.  It was with him to his end.  I wasn’t present when Wray passed but was told he was not under stress, nor in pain.  It simply was time for Wray to cross life’s threshold.
On behalf of his family, Laura and I wish to thank you for your kind thoughts and for sharing memories.  You are all indeed special."
Jerry Cummings ('70)

07/21/18 11:25 AM #8682    


Candi Imming

07/21/18 08:41 PM #8683    


Susan Reiber (Holt)

Candi,  Love the picture.. It is perfect.    Randy,  Of course AO Thomas.....Seemed  like the front reminded me of where we went...And yes I remember the rugs and graham crackers.  I crossed the highway at my house, because it was pretty rough riding by the canal.   I loved playing in the canal when it was dry and in the irrigation ditch when it was running.  Also forging paths along the sides of the canal when it was full.  Can you imagine letting your 7 or 8 year old do that?  It was thrilling.  I had no neighbors my age to play with but entertained myself until I HAD to come in for Supper...  So much to little time! 



07/23/18 01:18 PM #8684    


Randy Brown

Oh, the stories about things going on around the canal, all year long. People would dump trash off the bridges, the magazines we would find were educational, liked the pictures best. And kids with bb guns and beer bottles. Took my brothers 22 rifle down there several times without him knowing about it. Lucky to be alive.

07/25/18 11:56 AM #8685    


Nancy Rogers (Williams)

CELEBRATING OLD KEARNEY HIGH:  Kearney's First Baptist Church purchased our old Kearney High School buildings and campus in October 2016.  The church has announced plans to honor all 1961-2016 graduates in the new front entry way and arch.  The church will also put all graduates' names on-site in a Memory Room with yearbooks, old wood paneling, pictures, and signs to honor the memory of the students, faculty and staff who made the old KHS building into a wonderful place of learning and growth, impacting thousands of lives.  The church is offering engraved wood plaques and bricks from the original KHS building as "Thank You" gifts for all donations to its Building Fund.  For more information about the church's building plans and fundraising campaign, call the First Baptist Church office at 308-234-2311 or visit: 

07/29/18 03:25 PM #8686    


Randy Brown

Could not make it to Wray's service, but was lucky to be able to spend some time with Wray several years ago. I knew he had cancer.

We went to lunch. Wray wanted to go to Runza, he liked their chili, even though he had lost his ability to taste due to the cancer. In our conversation he told me there was something strange, he just could not put his finger on it while we were sitting there. Shortly it dawned on him. He told me he felt like he was sitting with my Dad because we looked so much alike. ( I have been told that before. )  Strange what age can do to us, but how memories ( those we can recall ) don't change.

I had been having uneasy feelings of my reaction to seeing Wray with cancer.

I told Wray .......... " I was relieved to see that he looked better than I thought he would."

Wray's reply.........   He was relieved to see that I looked better than he thought I would.

Rest easy Cool Wray.

07/30/18 08:31 PM #8687    

Dick Garrelts (70)

From time to time, it's my privilege to be invited to Painer's. Such was the case on Saturday when Brownie and Painer were having an impromptu cookout and fire. Following a very fine meal in their very fine company, we retired to the campfire, where has become a tradition, a memorial. This time in remembrance of Wray Cummings.

Painer selected a board, somewhat worn and weathered, representing Wray's journey these last few years. Over two logs and a bed of coals, we placed two smaller logs perpendicular to hold the ceremonial board.  After writing Cool Wray on the board, and following our memories and prayers,  we all three placed the board on the fire.
Just as we placed the board, it began to sprinkle, as if it was an answer from Wray. We all felt it. 
We remained by the fire, even as it rained.  As we watched, very shortly one of the perpendicular logs burned in two,  leaving Wray's board and the other log in the perfect shape of a cross silhouetted in the fire.
Sometimes the signs are obvious.

07/31/18 09:34 AM #8688    


Mary McKinney (Kommers)

Wow!  Glad you guys have such get-togethers...l'll always remember Wray from our great French classes with Mme. Schrock.


07/31/18 11:26 PM #8689    


Betty Lindholm (Streff)

You guys honored Wray in a wonderful, meaningful way. You’re cool too! 😎

I think it’s neat that our grandson Nick Carlson considers Nolan Eatherton to be one of his closest friends on their Post 52 Legion ball team. Says he’s super smart.

That’s one of the fun things about staying around Ktown -watching the generations grow up.



08/01/18 08:04 PM #8690    


Susan Reiber (Holt)

Dick, Painer and Brownie,  That just fills my eyes with tears and gives me goosebumps. I hope when I go that I will have earned friends in this lifetime who care so much. Thanks for sharing your experience. 

08/03/18 12:14 PM #8691    


Martha Rivero (Helton)

Wally and I remember Wray fondly.  Thankful that he fought valiantly and that his struggles are over. May he Rest In Peace. It’s an honor to have classmates with such tender hearts. I’m with Susie, you have given us goosebumps.  ❤️

08/03/18 01:05 PM #8692    


Nancy Rogers (Williams)

Thank you Painer, Brownie and Dick for honoring Wray in such a beautiful way.  Proud to call you all my friends.  Enjoy eternity, Wray.  

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