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02/24/18 09:15 AM #8625    


Randy Brown

Painer and I took a road trip to Johnson Lake to look for Eagles. Was a great day to go. 

02/24/18 09:31 AM #8626    


Mary McKinney (Kommers)


The abundance of eagles is awesome, but your granddaughter takes the cake!


02/24/18 02:19 PM #8627    


Wayne Garrelts

Looks like someone is looking to punch somebody out for taking a photo! Eh Brownie!! Great shot!

03/02/18 05:33 PM #8628    


Tom Bixby


03/03/18 07:56 AM #8629    


Mary McKinney (Kommers)

Wow, congratulations, Tom!  We have 3 but still feel so blessed...


03/04/18 04:07 PM #8630    


Candi Imming

Congrats to you and Ona, Bix!   Brownie, what a sweetheart!

03/04/18 07:29 PM #8631    


Randy Brown

For a treat, if you have interest, search “Decorah Iowa eagle nest video”. Contact me if you have trouble.



03/05/18 09:32 AM #8632    


Kathy Hiner (Woodard)

Bix and Ona - congratulations - I have about 12 - I stopped counting, four of whom live with me.  Brownie, love the Eagle pictures, they have Eagle days here in January, but it is always too darn cold for me.  But the hawks are gorgeous and the falcons.  So many pigeons and small animals for dinner.  Watched one devour some kind of bird in my backyard tree, rather disgusting but interesting.  Lots of tall buildings that they can nest in and plentiful parks also.  

On another note, I know Jerry Foote and Cindy are still around?  I am surprised he has not participated in any of the posts.  He was always so active in everything at school.  And Cindy was a smart, pretty young woman. 

03/05/18 09:02 PM #8633    


Wayne Garrelts

Congrats Bix and Ona!! Hope everyone is doing well!!

03/06/18 08:40 PM #8634    


Rick Houchin

Way to pass those Bibxy genes along, Gramps! Give the little one a 69er hug for us.


03/07/18 03:27 PM #8635    


Tom Bixby


03/19/18 08:12 PM #8636    


Randy Brown

If you read this note, please post one of your own. There is planning taking place for our 50 Year reunion. We are starting to shake the bushes to wake people up and we would like your input. If you are in contact with classmates that are not on this site, pass the info along. We will be trying to contact and reconnect with as many mates as we can.

Get out your bucket list. More later. 


03/28/18 09:37 PM #8637    


Randy Brown

Did my post scare everyone away?


03/30/18 11:27 AM #8638    

Randy Stubbs

Thanks for the wake up call. Let me know if I can help with anything in the Lincoln area. I enjoy reading the posts but have not posted anything but need to get more involved now that I  am retired (finally) Had too much fun working!!!!!!!!

04/07/18 12:07 PM #8639    


Dave Shonkwiler

Happy Birthday Randy! Keep up the good work you do by staying connected with classmates, and hope you are having a wonderful birthday!!!

Dave and Shelley

04/14/18 12:42 AM #8640    


Terry Christlieb

Excuse me, but I just woke up.  Someone or something was vigorously shaking the bushes and woke me up from a sound sleep.  Hope I haven't missed anything.

04/14/18 09:08 PM #8641    


Barb Franz (Meyer)

Brownie you always scare me! Have convention Sunday in Dorchester, yes I know we were in blizzard, I-80 closed GI west, but I headed East, me and 2 snowplows! No traffic, trucks , just me!Staying in Seward tonite. And it is still snowing. Never claimed to be brightest bulb! Good talking to you Brownie, enjoyed helping hopefully to find the lost. Radio

05/03/18 10:56 AM #8642    


Randy Brown

Happy B day Mary, enjoy !

05/04/18 07:11 PM #8643    


Mary McKinney (Kommers)

Thanks Randy!  Had a fun evening...went to the high school's production of the Addams Family.  I didn't realize the old TV show had been turned into a musical.  It was great, wonderful performances, costumes, and choreography...much more talent than I recall we had at that age!

06/11/18 08:54 PM #8644    


John Wolf

Hey, '69 classmates!

Your 50th class reunion committee will be having another meeting this Saturday, June 16, at Mary (McKinney) Kommers house at 10:00 AM.  If you haven't joined us before, we would enjoy having you.

Mary's address is:  2002 W. 35th Street 

We need your ideas and input.  Please plan to join us!

Wolfie '69





06/12/18 07:42 AM #8645    


Janet Browne (Rose)

06/12/18 02:59 PM #8646    

Denise King (Capek)

Way to go Janet, now I'm inspired to see if my earrings still fit.  Loved the grandbaby pictures and the eagles

Our daughter is due 6/25/18 with their 3 rd son.  That will make 6 grandkids, but the excitement never wears off.  Looking forward to the reunion and whatever the planning chefs cook up.   Oh, I wish the bushes would stop shaking, I'M AWAKE already. 





06/13/18 12:40 PM #8647    


Kathy Hiner (Woodard)

Janet - that is great - and I have lost half a shoe size from an 8 to a 7 and a half.  Really proud of myself.  Now about those teeth?????!!!!! which I still need.  I think that regular insurance companies really discriminate against the elderly in terms of eye care and needing teeth, let's get on them - LOL.  Denise, congratulations on the grandbabies, I have so many, I have stopped counting with the stepchildren's children and my biological son's kids, I don't know where to start, but it is over 20 I know.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next reunion, I hope everyone can make it that was in our class.  

06/17/18 10:40 PM #8648    


Randy Brown


Just a pop quiz. For those that are following this site. If you know the location or how to contact any of the following, please post the info on this site.


Terry Yost Westing                    Mike Nelson                  Dennis Carrico

Paul Walters                             Dan Nye                        Carolyn Chamberlin

Glenda Stroud                          Larry Nye                       Ethel Babcock Philby Phillips     

Debbie Stoeber                        Janice Schultz

Anne Garwood Dye                  Mike Sikes

Tom Glazer                               Steve Snodgras

Paul Jensen                             Jim Bailey

Shirley  Martin                          Carol Brink

Paul Maruska

Thanks, Brownie

06/20/18 03:00 PM #8649    


Randy Brown

Love the web site update. But, there is a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza . . . Need some reply to the quest for missing classmate information.

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