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12/07/18 08:05 PM #8714    


Bob Elliott

Hi, I'm back.

In January, the 50th anniversary of the Rowdy Section will be celebrated by Kearney High School.  

To date, we have raised about $11,000 for the Rowdies Scholarship fund.  We need about $25,000 to fully fund two annual scholarships.

We have established this annual scholarship fund for deserving boys and girls who are die-hard Rowdies, good students and active participants in the Kearney community.  Please take note when the requests for $5, $10 or whatever we might have available are presented to us.  I have already donated to this effort and expect that some of you will also.  Thanks!

If you wish to beat the "first ask", please cdontact Lisa Parish at  She is the "New Nancy" at the KHS Foundation.

Thanks, Bob E.














01/02/19 01:46 PM #8715    


Randy Brown

 Happy New Year ! Class Reunion Year ! More info to come ! Still need help trying to locate a few missing classmates. . . . 

Just a little something to chew on . . . .


01/04/19 08:43 PM #8716    


Nancy Rogers (Williams)

Hi Brownie,

Who are the missing classmates?  Maybe someone on this site can help.



01/08/19 10:19 PM #8717    


Randy Brown

Nancy, and all others . . . . .

Another try at posting the correct list of names of missing classmates.

Paul Maruska, Charles Nelson, Larry Nye, Janice Schultz, Debbie Stoeber, Margaret Strazzere, Glenda Stroud Warford, Paul Walters, Sonia Warner.

That is the correct list, I think. We could have Mary check this.




01/09/19 07:47 PM #8718    


Mary McKinney (Kommers)

Randy's list is correct along with Wayne Anderson, Ethel Babcock Philby-Phillips, Jim Bailey, Carol Brink, Stan Brown, Dennis Carrico, Leslie Forney, Anne Garwood Dye, Tom Glazer, Lee Hartwell, Paul Jensen, and Shirley Martin.

01/10/19 12:26 AM #8719    


Randy Brown

Mary, now that is making sense ! The two pages I had names written on was one list . . . Hmmmmmm.......

A.D.D.........I do have the address for some of names on the lists.....


01/10/19 08:29 AM #8720    


Mary McKinney (Kommers)

Great, you can send me a private message with these addresses from my profile here if you like!

01/10/19 12:39 PM #8721    


Barb Franz (Meyer)

Lee Hartwell is on fb and says is on here also.Thanks everyone for doing all the work on this, radio

01/10/19 12:42 PM #8722    


Barb Franz (Meyer)

Also you know you're from Kearney page has many siblings of classmates, Nancy R. and Candi watch it also.

01/11/19 11:38 AM #8723    


Wayne Garrelts




The 50TH, yes the 50th ANNIVERSARY of the Rowdy Section will be celebrated at the new KHS gym on January 26th during the Omaha South basketball game!!! At half time they will unveil a new ROWDY SECTION sign. This sign was originally estimated to cost $500 but ended up costing $1800!! It is a beautiful sign but if anyone wants to help chip in we will gladly take donations. We hope to have some more activities going on that day. The after party will be hosted by the 'class! You can go to their website for more info on that. In the next few days there will be more info put out. The current Rowdy group wants to help celebrate also. So we are going to go together to plan some events with them. We also are looking for donations to help endow the future ROWDY SCHOLARSHIP. We have a good start thanks to many of you already. This will not be limited to the 69 and 70 classes. We want all 50 classes to participate in this. Many of them have kids who have been or are Rowdy members! So if as many as you can get this message out on all your social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc) to other classes it would be greatly appreciated!! We want a HUGE crowd on the 26th. Commemorative t-shirts by the current class should be available. You can send donations for the sign or the Scholarship fund to      Kearney Public Schools Foundation, 310 West 24th, Kearney, NE 68845 or you can call (308) 698-8030 if you want to call and make a donation, or go to the KPS Foundation website. If anyone has any ideas that they would like to do that night or weekend, please let us know!! Mr Rowdy Bob "Mole" Eilliott will be here to help celebrate!! Thanks to everyone who has helped so far!! Stay tuned!!!









01/17/19 10:58 PM #8724    

Dick Garrelts (70)

The Class of 70 would like to extend an invitation to the Class of 69 for our Rowdy Nite after-party.

Central Auto Electric,  10 E 25th Street  immediately following the January 26th KHS game.

Serving BBQ pork and goodies.  BYOB.  We have Cherry Sloe and Boone's Farm (at your own risk)

Hope to see you at the game and party ! 


Congratulations for a 50 year tradition ... whoda thunk.       69 started it ... 70 saved it !

01/19/19 10:36 AM #8725    


Randy Brown

Start the party !


01/24/19 12:11 AM #8726    


Candi Imming

01/24/19 09:29 AM #8727    


Bob Elliott

Rowdy Gatherings below (in addition to the festivities at Central Electric before & after the game). :The game is a big one - perfect for celebrating the 50th anniversary of what we started and the Class of 70 saved

Friday Night:  Cunninghams at the Lake - 7-ish

Saturday Morning:  Rowdy breakfast at Tex's Cafe.

Should be a fun weekend.


Mole KHS '69

01/24/19 09:32 AM #8728    


Bob Elliott

Tex's Cafe @ ~10 AM Saturday.


01/28/19 12:38 PM #8729    


Nancy Rogers (Williams)

01/28/19 12:40 PM #8730    


Nancy Rogers (Williams)

Please click on the link above to see Bob’s recount of the night the Rowdirs were hatched!  

01/28/19 01:51 PM #8731    


Wayne Garrelts

01/28/19 04:22 PM #8732    


Wayne Garrelts

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the 50th ROWDY Celebration on Saturday night! Lots of former original, other class, and friends of Rowdies showed up at the new KHS gym. 

The class of 1970 really stepped up with Friday night get together and especially the after party Saturday night at Central Auto Electric!! High fives, fist bumps, kudos and thank you to my brother Dick, Dan Cavanee, and all the others who put on a great spread!! The night would not have been complete with all of their help!! Plus the Rowdies probably would not be here today with YOU 70 GUYS! THANK YOU!!!!! It was a lot of fun seeing everyone there!

And then there is "The Molester", the King, Mr Original, The Grand Pupa, the Creator of the Rowdies, Bob Elliott! Thanks for coming back Bob, and highlighting the night. You can see in the post before Bob leading the current Rowdy Section in a cheer! Check out the video KHS current head Rowdy Kollin Goff put out (a longer version will be available later) on Facebook. Great show Mr Elliott! 

A new sign was unveiled at half time after Bob's speech!! We will be taking donations for that too if anyone would like to help out with that too!

THANKS everyone!! GO ROWDY's

will put some other pics on shortly

01/28/19 04:29 PM #8733    


Wayne Garrelts

Also thank you to all the 69'ers who helped play a part in the celebration! We, of course, will be having another one in August!

You can order a special edition 50th Anniversary t-shirt from KHS which some of the proceeds will go to the new Rowdy Scholarship Fund. You can go to Corner to order yours today! Thanks. Will try and put that up on my facebook page also. Forgot to mention, if you want to donate to the scholarship fund, go to the KPS Foundation website. There you can donate and even see other pictures of the event put up by Lisa Parrish.


01/28/19 04:37 PM #8734    


Wayne Garrelts

01/28/19 05:27 PM #8735    


Randy Brown

Had to have been there . . . . 50 years. . . . . 

01/28/19 06:04 PM #8736    

Dick Garrelts (70)

You are correct, Brownie.  Had to been there. This was the best since the Old Barn!  Great to see all the 69ers who gave up the easy chair in front of Blue Bloods re-runs for a good time Saturday night.  You can't get this kind of entertainment at the Country Club!

50 years, Bob !!!  Great perfomance at the game, great friendships rekindled over the years, a great idea for Scholarships, and a lasting tribute to Bea, godmother of the Rowdys (with a y).

Hope to see more 69ers at next year's Rowdy Fest. It's an annual event now.

Thanks for letting the 70's belong.

01/28/19 10:03 PM #8737    


Candi Imming Link for shirts, but pick up only.  Any way to get mail service?   Donation link for scholarship


01/29/19 08:50 PM #8738    

Dick Garrelts (70)


photos, story, and video

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