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11/01/17 01:22 PM #8600    


Randy Brown

Candi's photo art of a bonfire from the past !


11/03/17 10:44 AM #8601    


Rick Houchin

Very much looking forward to seeing some old and good friends tonight!


11/03/17 03:46 PM #8602    


Terry Yost (Westing)

Hello Hometown Friends!

These recent posts have prompted me to come out of the shadows and make a few comments. Many thoughts come to mind, but will try to keep it under a ten point dissertation.

1. If I lived closer, (Wisconsin is a long way from Kearney) I would be at the campfire and other events...have a great time everyone! I hope someone posts some photos.

2. I feel a strong kinship with you all, the older I get. Our shared common experiences of growing up in Kearney and graduating from the same high school give us a lot in common. I value this connection even more, now that none of my family live in Kearney, except at the cemetery.

3. So that is why I am an occasional checker of the message forum. It is inspiring and fun to hear from and about people who have known me, and who I remember from way back. I am very grateful for those of you who stay in touch and to find you are dealing with the similar aging issues I am!

4. Which brings me to the recent posts about funerals. Not long ago my husband and I went to the local funeral home and pre-planned and paid for our funerals. I found the experience to be emotionally satisfying. First I was tearful, then more rational as we chose the details of our services together, then relieved knowing our kids won't have to deal with all those decisions. And it felt like a gift from my spouse, knowing exactly what he wanted, and vice versa, and who to call!

5.  Since taking a close up look at the last day, when we need to call a funeral home, I have found that each day has become more meaningful and I try to pack as much in each day as possible. We are spending time writing books together. Hope to have one published by the end of the year for gifts for the grandkids!

6. Seize the day!

11/04/17 09:17 AM #8603    

Dick Garrelts

Great night for a fire!  Much obliged for the efforts of Painer, Bix, and Brownie for the usual good food and good company. There is nothing like warm friendships around a warm fire on a cool evening. The 69ers always make the 70's feel welcome. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of it.

Happy Birthday, Bix!

11/04/17 11:08 AM #8604    


Rick Houchin

Last night it became even more apparent to me the meaning of long-time friendships, as well as new ones. It's incredible to me the impact that people have on who you become, and what you are. Even though many years passed by without their company, I realize that they have always been a part of my life in subtle ways. Values, honesty, humor, and all that contributes to what life is about.

Growing up in Kearney may have seemed lackluster at the time, but classmates who had the same experiences and commonality augment the feeling of belonging to a community, both literally and figuratively. I wouldn't trade a second of it.

It may seem like a trivial thing, a small group of people gathering around a fire for a few hours, but it is a primal, powerful feeling of bond and love. I thank all of my friends, past and present, for showing me this again. The laughs, the stories, even the tears, are invaluable. I love you all, and I guess I always have.

11/05/17 08:59 AM #8605    


Tom Bixby


11/05/17 10:24 AM #8606    


Kathy Hiner (Woodard)

Wow, some really meaningful posts in the last week, and I can truly say I feel exactly the same way -  the friendships forged in Kearney will always be with me as I traverse the sometimes rocky life I live now. The one thing I can be secure in knowing?  That the love of God and the lessons I learned in Kearney are truly the rocks that I stand on each and every day.  Along with the friendships, there were the Sunday schools, the church camps, the confimation classes.  As a group, we have been truly blessed with the loving families, the great schools, the mostly crime free town, and churches that taught us the values we live by today.  God bless all of you today and always!!

11/08/17 04:09 PM #8607    


John Divan

I received word through our church prayer chain, Eric Blume passed away last night!  His brother Fred is a church member. I don’t have any details but am hoping there is an obituary in the Hub.  Eric attended Kenwood and lived a block east of us growing up!  I’ve often wondered what became of him!  Susie

11/09/17 09:27 AM #8608    


Kathy Hiner (Woodard)

I am so sorry to hear about Eric Blume, I was just thinking about him last week.  When I was going to marry in 1975, Eric and I were good friends, we used to listen to music together.  As a pre wedding gift, he gave my to be husband and I his stereo system.  He was one of the sweetest people I have ever meant.  He always had this touch of melancoly about him though, and I was always trying to cheer him up when we listened to music together. 

11/09/17 10:50 AM #8609    


John Wolf

I'm sad to hear about Eric.  He was a good classmate and friend.  We last talked while he was working at the Comfort Inn one morning.  He seemed happy and content.  I hope many of his classmates will attend his funeral and give his family much needed support.   

11/09/17 09:44 PM #8610    


Roy Nagakubo

We saw The Graduate together, twice in 1968; he totally identified with Dustin Hoffman, as Benjamin Braddock.  

11/22/17 06:40 AM #8611    


Gary Day

Eric, rest in peace, ole' buddy.


01/24/18 01:17 PM #8612    


John Wolf


JANUARY 20, 2018



​TO:  All Class of '69 Classmates

​The Class of '70 is hosting a ROWDY NIGHT this Friday before and after the KHS Boys basketball game.  We are invited!

This includes a Pre-Game Primer at 6:30 PM at Central Auto Electric (10 E. 25th St.) -- BYOB followed by the game at the new Kearney HighSchool at 7:45 PM.  Everyone can carpool from Central Auto to the game.  There will be an after-the-game Party at Central Auto -- BYOB with FOOD provided.

​All past Rowdies and classmates are invited to attend.  C'mon you class of '69 ROWDIES, show your colors this Friday night!  This is going to be a really great event.  

ROWDY T-SHIRTS will be available for sale at the event.  This is the time to make your t-shirt purchase and wear your ROWDY colors proudly!  



01/25/18 10:16 AM #8613    


Kathy Hiner (Woodard)

Well, sorry I can not be at the Rowdy night but I would like to get one of those Rowdy t-shirts, how much are they John?  Maybe you could put a post that they are for sale, and how much and where to send the money to get them. 

01/25/18 10:38 PM #8614    


John Wolf

Call it a Senior moment on my part!

The correct date of the Rowdy event is tomorrow -- Friday, January 26 at 6:30 PM 

​The class of '70 will be hosting us at Central Auto Electric (10 E. 25th Street) for a Pre-Game get together followed by KHS vs. Lincoln High at 7:45 PM.  An after game celebration will take place back at Central Auto Electric after the game.  BYOB but food will be provided.  

GO Bearcats! 

01/27/18 10:12 PM #8615    


Randy Brown

Dick Garrelts Great ROWDY NITE !! We had a fine group with 3 Classes represented. Went till Midnight! Welcome aboard Scott (71) and of course Brownie (69) can't be mistaken for anything less than Rowdy - and a regular fixture at our gatherings. We even got to meet this year's leader of the Rowdys. Great kid! Traveling farthest was Jerry and Karen Ohlmann. If we would have started a fire, they would have had the honor. (don't spill the secret - maybe next time) The Sloe Gin was a hit (or miss) Don't bother looking for it, Gloria. All the comments were the same. "Tastes like cough syrup!" ... "I can't believe we drank this shit!"... and "I got sick on that one time" made for some great stories! So if you missed this chance, there is most of a bottle left for the next mini. Maybe it gets better with age ?? MANY THANKS to Danny, Deb, and the dog for the Shop and Limousine Service. BTW Danny, Deb said you were sleeping it off today... wimp! SPECIAL THANKS to Tony and Cindy WC for all the work - with this gathering, the mission of the Rowdy Scholarship Fund, and soon-to-be Rowdy Facebook Page. Much appreciated !! THANKS to EVERYBODY for coming, and for all the great food, the laughs, and fun memories! 83,241 80 Lurkers

Posted from class of 1970 page by brownie

01/28/18 01:44 PM #8616    

Dick Garrelts

Great party, Brownie.  Of course the 69ers were outnumbered again!  I thought for sure the Cherry Sloe Gin and Boone's Farm would be like a 69er magnet.  Maybe with age comes a more discriminating palate ?   Or is it that you're not yet accustomed to a KHS WIN ?  (no offense intended, Bix)   Or maybe you all went someplace else for a Sloe Screw ?   

01/29/18 05:08 PM #8617    


John Wolf


​We have a limited number of ROWDY T-SHIRTS for sale!!

Sizes:  Medium (1) and Large (5)

Prices​$12.00 - Local Delivery in Kearney or $15.00 - Mailed to locations outside of Kearney

To Order:   Send email to John Wolf at ; after John confirms size availability, instructions will be sent for mailing your check to him

Questions?​  Please call John at (425) 870-6507



02/12/18 06:06 PM #8618    


John Wolf

Hey, Classmates!

Did you realize that we're only one year away from celebrating our 50th class reunion?

In order to get a jump on the planning for next year's 50th class reunion, our first planning meeting has been scheduled for this coming Saturday, February 17 at 10:00AM.  We will be meeting at Mary (McKinney) Kommers' home in Kearney (2002 W. 35th Street).  

We need as many hands on board as possible, so please consider giving us an hour or two of your time this Saturday and helping us begin the planning process with your good ideas.


Wolfie '69








02/13/18 12:06 PM #8619    


Barb Franz (Meyer)

John, feel so disconnected on blog,many classmates on fb, You know you're from Kearney site. I will be speaking for Auxiliary this weekend again, some will miss planning meeting. I do want to help,anyway I can.I can do notifications, set up etc. So please volunteer me.(within reason) Love ya guys!Radio

02/13/18 12:08 PM #8620    


Barb Franz (Meyer)

Dick Garrelts waiting for Grandpa news? Radio

02/22/18 02:45 PM #8621    


Randy Brown

Bath time photo from Grandpa Brownie. Let us see who is reading this web page by posting a comment!


02/23/18 10:06 AM #8622    


Kathy Hiner (Woodard)

Hey Randy;

The baby looks like he/she is saying I am going to punch you in the face Grandpa!!  Too cute.  

02/23/18 10:18 AM #8623    


Barb Franz (Meyer)

Brownie, she is a sweetie, you are so lucky to have her! Radio!

02/23/18 11:00 AM #8624    


Cathy Clark (Lawson)

No better Job in the world than being Grandpa! Love the Dark Hair and Beautiful Dark Eyes, so Precious!

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