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02/10/20 09:09 AM #8850    


Bob Elliott

RIP Doug.

His fight was inspirational.  His art was beautiful.  His spirit is now eternal.

02/11/20 10:36 AM #8851    


John Wolf

It's sad to hear about Doug.  While we knew that this could eventually happen, it's hard to say goodbye to a good friend and classmate.  We will always miss him!

02/21/20 05:36 PM #8852    


Wayne Garrelts

The Rowdies will be having their annual get together on Saturday Feb 22 for the last home basketball game. The '70 class will host a pre-game party at Central Auto Electric (thanks Dan Cavanee) at 5:30 pm (byob) with some finger food. They will then take vans to the game. If you can't make it then, you can meet up with them at the game and then go back to CAE to celebrate after the game. EVERYONE IS WELCOME AND BRING ANY "OLD" ROWDIES WITH YOU!!! See you there!

02/26/20 11:59 PM #8853    


Nancy Rogers (Williams)

Douglas M. Thunberg (68), beloved brother and friend passed away in Colorado Springs on February 6th, 2020 to find eternal peace.

Doug was born on September 20, 1951 in Kearney, NE; graduated from Kearney High School (NE) in 1969; graduated from the University of Nebraska; and worked at the NE Department of Roads (Lincoln) Materials Research Chemistry Lab until his tragic bicycle accident in 1980 that resulted in a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Despite the physical difficulties caused by his TBI, he continued to participate in community activities, painting and outdoor adventures for the disabled. Doug remained a strong, friendly, resilient and deeply faithful servant to the Lord to the end. His smile, humor and kindness will be sorely missed.

Doug was preceded in death by parents, Oscar and Lynn (Griffis) Thunberg. Doug is survived by his brother, Larry (Deborah) Thunberg, his sister, Lisa (Troy) Rice and his niece, Sophie Thunberg.

A memorial service to celebrate Doug's life will be held at 3 PM on Saturday, March 14th at Sunnyside Christian Church, 2025 N. Murray Blvd, Colorado Springs Colorado, 80915.

In lieu of flowers, friends may make memorial donations to Sunnyside Christian Church online at:

02/27/20 10:18 AM #8854    


Bob Elliott

i just emailed Doug's siblings (Lisa & Larry) to let them know that I can't attend Doug's service on the 14th.  Kathy & I will be in Israel at that time.  I informed them that I was taking a photo of Doug's painting (Dune Modulations) that has hung in my office for 10 years.

Doug's life was not filled with joyous "road trips" like many of us have enjoyed over the years.  His spirit will be going with me to the Holy Land.  That's kind of a silly notion on my part - Doug's already there.

Bob E.

02/27/20 01:29 PM #8855    


Martha Rivero (Helton)

Our condolences to Dougs family, we pray that Gods mighty love comforts them and gives them strength. It is so heartbreaking to hear this. May Gods peace and presence surround them all. 

03/19/20 11:15 AM #8856    


Barb Franz (Meyer)

Prayers to Betty Schroeder Andersen on passing of her father, Glen. Due to virus, immediate family only service. Barb (Radio)

03/20/20 12:22 PM #8857    


Wayne Garrelts

Condolences to Betty, hope everyone is staying safe, and "sane"! Mole, hope you have made it back safely from Israel. TAKE CARE EVERYONE!

04/07/20 09:03 AM #8858    


Bob Elliott

Happy Birthday Brownie.  The "World's Greatest Grandpa" must stay at home and stream old movies.  Strange times.

04/07/20 02:11 PM #8859    


Randy Brown

Thanks Mole and others for B Day reminder. Keep your distance and have a beer for me !

06/26/20 06:07 PM #8860    


Gary Day

Doug Thunburg. called him T-Bird and he always had that contageous teeth smile. He got delt a bad hand. Made a life for himself. Great bud, hanging with me before class outside Longfellow.


06/29/20 08:58 AM #8861    


Mike Blocher

TOM BIXBY lost his dad yesterday, calling it “a blessing.”  He appreciates all your thoughts and prayers. He is currently without internet and cannot respond individually but wants everyone to know he appreciates your kindness. 

He hopes to catch up soon.

06/30/20 10:48 AM #8862    

Denise King (Capek)

Tom sorry to hear about your dad's passing.  Even though at a certain point it is a blessing, the loss still hurts and leaves a hole in your heart. Our sympathies to you and your family

06/30/20 12:09 PM #8863    

Janelle Pacha (Stadler)

Tom, Iam so sorry to hear about your dad. liftingyou and your familyupin my thoughts and prayers of comfortand peace for you and your family as you face this difficult time  Bless you all! Janelle Pacha Stadler.

07/01/20 09:39 AM #8864    


Bob Elliott

Bix (assuming you get your internet squared away :D), it was great to chat with you on the phone yesterday.  Your Pop taught you how to fish.  I think that there is something in the Bible about that......

Mole KHS '69

07/02/20 12:35 PM #8865    


Wayne Garrelts

Bix, sorry to hear about your Dad! I am glad you had him with you for so long as I lost mine just before I started junior high! Remember the times I rode along with him to Legion games, had some nice and interesting conversations! Great man!! Hold on to the memories!! Will be thinking of you Bix and PRAYERS!!!

07/12/20 12:51 AM #8866    


Candi Imming

Remembering Betty King, Denise's mom. A wonderful lady with a warm, chuckling laugh, who also was our Girl Scout leader with Mrs. Browne. I think Denise got her laugh from her mom.  I believe my introduction to banana boats came from her at GS camp. Condolences to Denise and her family on a loss that is never easy. 🌺🌺🌺

07/12/20 03:47 PM #8867    


Nancy Rogers (Williams)

Betty King was a special lady.  I had the opportunity to know her as Denise's spunky mom, but also through Gamma Phi Beta sorority, where she was a very active alumna, from her many years at Platte Valley State Bank, and also helping her with decorating her new townhome in northeast Kearney.  She was full of life.  She will be missed by many in the Kearney community.  My heart goes out to you, Denise, and all your family.  

07/12/20 06:46 PM #8868    


Wayne Garrelts

So sorry to hear about your Mom, Denise. As Candi and Nancy have already said, she was a special lady and may your memories carry you through. God Bless!

07/13/20 12:30 PM #8869    


Mike Blocher

So sorry for your loss Denise. I always thought of your mother as a beautiful cowgirl. You too for that matter. 

07/13/20 01:40 PM #8870    

Denise King (Capek)

Thank you all for your kind words.  Mom passed away at age 97.5 so she had a long and full life.  Even though it was her time, there is still a hole in my heart  


07/13/20 03:08 PM #8871    

Janelle Pacha (Stadler)

Denise and family, Iwas so sorry to here of the passing of Betty. Ihave such fond memories of her helping with Gir Scots and the meetings at your home on Avenue I lifting you all u in my thoughts and prayers for all of you during this difficult time. Janelle Pacha  Stadler

09/21/20 07:09 AM #8872    


Candi Imming

I am sorry you had to say goodbye to your mom, Gary.  Hoping great memories of her make it a bit easier for you.  Love to you and your family.

09/21/20 02:34 PM #8873    


Nancy Rogers (Williams)

Gary, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom.  You were very fortunate to have her in your life for so many years.  I'm thinking of you and all your family.  She must have been a very special woman.  

10/24/20 01:58 PM #8874    


Nancy Rogers (Williams)

Karen Shafer Crook has recently been diagnosed with Lymphoma.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  

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