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07/29/18 03:25 PM #8686    


Randy Brown

Could not make it to Wray's service, but was lucky to be able to spend some time with Wray several years ago. I knew he had cancer.

We went to lunch. Wray wanted to go to Runza, he liked their chili, even though he had lost his ability to taste due to the cancer. In our conversation he told me there was something strange, he just could not put his finger on it while we were sitting there. Shortly it dawned on him. He told me he felt like he was sitting with my Dad because we looked so much alike. ( I have been told that before. )  Strange what age can do to us, but how memories ( those we can recall ) don't change.

I had been having uneasy feelings of my reaction to seeing Wray with cancer.

I told Wray .......... " I was relieved to see that he looked better than I thought he would."

Wray's reply.........   He was relieved to see that I looked better than he thought I would.

Rest easy Cool Wray.

07/30/18 08:31 PM #8687    

Dick Garrelts (70)

From time to time, it's my privilege to be invited to Painer's. Such was the case on Saturday when Brownie and Painer were having an impromptu cookout and fire. Following a very fine meal in their very fine company, we retired to the campfire, where has become a tradition, a memorial. This time in remembrance of Wray Cummings.

Painer selected a board, somewhat worn and weathered, representing Wray's journey these last few years. Over two logs and a bed of coals, we placed two smaller logs perpendicular to hold the ceremonial board.  After writing Cool Wray on the board, and following our memories and prayers,  we all three placed the board on the fire.
Just as we placed the board, it began to sprinkle, as if it was an answer from Wray. We all felt it. 
We remained by the fire, even as it rained.  As we watched, very shortly one of the perpendicular logs burned in two,  leaving Wray's board and the other log in the perfect shape of a cross silhouetted in the fire.
Sometimes the signs are obvious.

07/31/18 09:34 AM #8688    


Mary McKinney (Kommers)

Wow!  Glad you guys have such get-togethers...l'll always remember Wray from our great French classes with Mme. Schrock.


07/31/18 11:26 PM #8689    


Betty Lindholm (Streff)

You guys honored Wray in a wonderful, meaningful way. You’re cool too! 😎

I think it’s neat that our grandson Nick Carlson considers Nolan Eatherton to be one of his closest friends on their Post 52 Legion ball team. Says he’s super smart.

That’s one of the fun things about staying around Ktown -watching the generations grow up.



08/01/18 08:04 PM #8690    


Susan Reiber (Holt)

Dick, Painer and Brownie,  That just fills my eyes with tears and gives me goosebumps. I hope when I go that I will have earned friends in this lifetime who care so much. Thanks for sharing your experience. 

08/03/18 12:14 PM #8691    


Martha Rivero (Helton)

Wally and I remember Wray fondly.  Thankful that he fought valiantly and that his struggles are over. May he Rest In Peace. It’s an honor to have classmates with such tender hearts. I’m with Susie, you have given us goosebumps.  ❤️

08/03/18 01:05 PM #8692    


Nancy Rogers (Williams)

Thank you Painer, Brownie and Dick for honoring Wray in such a beautiful way.  Proud to call you all my friends.  Enjoy eternity, Wray.  

09/26/18 11:45 AM #8693    


Randy Brown

Felt a need to post. The class of 70 is making us look bad. They are still posting. Hmmmmmmm


09/26/18 12:23 PM #8694    


Randy Brown

09/26/18 12:23 PM #8695    


Randy Brown

09/26/18 12:26 PM #8696    


Randy Brown

09/26/18 12:27 PM #8697    


Randy Brown

Will see if these pics get anyone to post. Ford dealership in Ogallala.

09/27/18 03:54 PM #8698    


John Wolf


What a beautiful car!  I'm assuming that it's a Ford Thunderbird.  What year is it?  Probably older that a '69.



09/27/18 06:42 PM #8699    


Randy Brown

1955 Thunderbird Hard Top Convertible, the car is younger than we are !


09/28/18 09:40 AM #8700    


Kathy Hiner (Woodard)

Wow Randy - I had one of those when I was first married - well, let's put it this way, my husband had one of those, it was blue, and his bad driving managed to wreck it.  Darn, wish I still had that little blue Thunderbird.  I had to laugh at the story on here about some of the guys racing cars and going over 100 miles an hour, it is amazing you all made it to this age!!!! But what fun you all had doing those crazy things!! 

09/28/18 10:19 AM #8701    


Rick Houchin

Classmates and friends:

I am lobbying with Kearney Sen. John Lowe and the Health and Human Services Committee of the legislature to get changes made in our archaic adoption laws. If any of you care to take a look, check out the FB page: Nebraska Adoption Reform.

I have two children that were adopted and I have met one and love him very much. Unfortunately, there is a girl I have never met in spite of searching for many years.

If this interests any of you, please check out my FB page for NAR and leave comments. You guys are the best!


09/28/18 08:36 PM #8702    


Barb Franz (Meyer)

Hoping you find her, those closed adoptions, have created so much grief for so many.

09/28/18 08:48 PM #8703    


Barb Franz (Meyer)

I see Jill (Hill) at church all the time, I swear she hasn't aged in 50 yrs. We are honoring longtime members this Sunday, Sue Stehlik is one of them. Radio

09/29/18 09:57 AM #8704    


Mary McKinney (Kommers)

All the best to you in your continuing search, Rick.  I know little about Nebraska's adoption laws. Through our son and daughter-in-law's experience, we are learning more about Missouri's and even more about Kansas' laws.  I am amazed about the vast state differences.

I totally agree about how pretty Jill is both inside and out!  Haven't run into Sue Stehlik for years. How is her health?  Tell her "hi" for me, Barb.

09/30/18 07:59 AM #8705    


Janet Browne (Rose)

I remember staying the night at Kay’s and Sue made Lima beans for dinner.  They were Kay’s favorite and were in a cheese sauce which included ketchup I still make them in that way and think of Kay and her mom as I prepare them.

09/30/18 04:35 PM #8706    


Mary Sue Gaer (Bell)

Best of luck in your search, Rick.  I don’t know much about adoption laws,  but I’m sure it’s a challenge.  Mentioning Kay Stehlik made me realize how very fortunate I feel each and every day for my life and health.  Enjoy all of the posts I see on Facebook and am certainly anxious to see all of you next year now that I am living back here in “Gods country” again.  

09/30/18 04:39 PM #8707    


Mary Sue Gaer (Bell)

Sorry I posted my sr picture.... I don’t know how to enter a new one.  The right side of my brain is the only functioning part.... so it’s too big a challenge for me today

09/30/18 04:55 PM #8708    


Randy Brown

Most of us wish we looked that young .

10/04/18 12:03 PM #8709    


Dave Shonkwiler

Is the T-bird for sale? How much? It's beautiful and must be worth a bunch. 


10/04/18 01:33 PM #8710    


Randy Brown

Dave, Shelley, send me a blank check and I will seeeeeeee what I can dooooooo!


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