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Eric Boshart

Eric Boshart

Eric Boshart passed away on January 7, 2009, after a year and half battle with cancer. 



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01/10/09 12:12 AM #1    

John Wolf

My heart has been aching ever since Kathy called us yesterday morning to tell us Eric had passed away the night before. Our friendship was one of a kind. We shared our passion for golf, talking guy-to-guy and, most of all, the love for our wives and family. Eric was especially proud of his two sons -- Aaron for managing the store they purchased and Nate for his tenacity to become a golf professional. Eric lived to see both of his son's dreams come true. He had an unending love for his wife Kathy, whether it was in running their businesses together or sharing their lives as soul mates. I'll always remember Eric as a true friend, one you could always count on to be there for you in good times or bad. I'll be seeing you later on the golf course, Big E, when we can play another round together and laugh at our poor shots and applaud the good ones. Godspeed to all of us.

Your friend, Big J.

01/12/09 11:59 AM #2    

Celia Hoffman (Seastone)

Time seemed to stand still when John posted the note about Eric's death. I have known Eric since the A.O Thomas years and always considered him a great friend. My mom was our sixth grade teacher, and I know she loved Eric(he was the Teacher's Pet). Yet who could resist that tilted timid smile and the mischievous sparkle in his eyes? Eric always caught on to new concepts so quickly, and I always admired his tenacity.
Later, through our junior and senior high years, our paths scattered, yet I always looked to Eric as a person with high goals and ideals. I continued to think of Eric as a very good friend.
Keep up the um-pa-pas on your baritone, I'll expect a rousing round of "O Kearney High to You" when we meet again.
To Eric's family, cherish the memories; Eric was a true KHS 69er that will sadly be missed by us all.

01/15/09 11:08 PM #3    

Dick Barney

Eric was the true long term friend. We lost track of each other through travel and work and all in between but once we hooked up again it was like time didn't exist. We even played golf on our first day. Just like old times. There were stories of family fun and respect from all who knew him. I add mine here. His spirit lives on in all of us who knew him. He will be back.

Richard Barney

01/16/09 06:17 PM #4    

Douglas Milo Thunberg

Just read that Eric has passed on to freedom from all travails.

While working at the country club during Jr. High & High school, I became well acquainted with Eric's outstanding character. We enjoyed several times rampaging around the course in the golf carts, friendly jousting in the club house & ocssionally nipping hooch stored underneath the bar. He was 'Bo d Bo' & I was 'O d O'. Once, when I wrecked Jerry Treadway's golf cart, Eric insisted that we go immediately & tell Jerry about it (the right thing to do).

My thanks are many for the compelling to send Eric a message the end of last year. He replied saying, "I remember our good times at the Country Club and I'll see you in June."

See you Eric, where the Joy is more than nipping!


02/04/09 09:31 PM #5    

Dave Green

This has been tough for me. Since Kathy called me on Jan.8th, I've been struggling to deal with Eric's death. We have been good friends since Kindergarden at A. O. Thomas. Karen and I are Eric and Kathy's son Aaron's
God Parents. We, along with John Wolf and Dick Barney, were able to make the trip to Big Timber, Montana for the services.
I have been trying to focus on all the fun times we had together over the years and there were plenty! Eric was one of the most honest and loyal people I have ever known. He was like a brother to me! I loved him and will always miss him-I doubt that a day will ever go by without Eric popping into my mind. I still pray for you Eric! I know God has you close to his heart. I have to wipe away a tear now, but I'll see you again in a much better place, ol' buddy.

03/12/09 05:11 PM #6    

Randy Brown

Eric, Friend,
What can I say? Words are never enough....

Eric's friends, John, Celia, Dick, Doug, Dave, and many others, your words bring me to tears, but ease my pain. I have read and reread your feelings expressing grief at our loss.

I have lost the chance to talk with you about all the memories that only you and I lived.

Eric, I hope you know I will miss you.


04/19/09 04:13 PM #7    

Dave Shonkwiler

First, let me say that I have considered Eric one of my best friends since I first met him as a Sophomore at KHS, and I have many fond memories of those days. There were numerous parties and poker games at Eric’s, Randy’s, and John Wolf’s house, and we went duck hunting with Eric, Dave Green and Randy Brown (I think), at Eric’s duck blind on the Platte River. We went home soaked, cold, and a little snockered--and I think somebody even shot a couple birds!

A favorite, and probably funniest memory, is of one night when Dave Green, Eric and I were sitting in Eric’s car, on a road near the Country Club, drinking more than we should have been. We started home and all of a sudden Eric slumped down over the steering wheel and the car rolled to a stop in a snow bank. Eric stepped out of the car and slid completely under it, so Dave and I pulled him out. We all walked around to the back of the car and begin digging it out of the snow. Eric somehow fell face down into the bank and just lay there. We helped Eric back into the car and all laughed for some time before we dug the car out of the snow bank and made our way home. Oh, the good old days.

Shelley and I remember the good times we had with Eric and Kathy when they lived in Omaha in the early ‘70's. We have wonderful memories of their sons, Aaron and Nathan, as little boys, playing with our son, Jaimes. We attended many backyard barbeques and other gatherings at the Boshart’s home, played numerous pitch games at their kitchen table, and watched “Elvis Live from Hawaii" in the Boshart living room.

Eric’s dedication to and love of his wife and children cannot be matched. In my opinion there is nothing in life that is more important than raising your children well. And you can tell when someone has done a good job, because they pass on to their children the ability to lead successful, productive and happy lives. Aaron and Nathan are fine examples of dedication and good parenting skills which Eric and Kathy obviously possessed.

Shelley and I celebrate Eric’s life and the moments of his life we were there to share with him, which makes it easier to accept the unfairness of the fact that we will not see him in this life again. We love and miss you Eric.

Dave & Shelley

05/08/09 11:42 AM #8    

Dave Shonkwiler

I hope you have read these, Kathy. Shelley left a message for you a couple weeks ago, but we never called back. Hope to talk to you soon. Have a happy Mother's Day.

Shelley & Dave

06/06/09 03:34 AM #9    

John Wolf

I started packing my bags for Nebraska today and preparing some things for the class reunion in Kearney next weekend. While I was doing this, I couldn't help but think about my friend, Eric. Tomorrow will be his youngest son Nathan's wedding to a beautiful lady named Cassie. Eric would have been so proud.

He wanted so badly to be well enough to attend the class reunion and see all of his classmates. The last itme we spoke, he told me it was his goal to complete his last series of chemo and radiation therapy by March or April and then recuperate enough to get his strength back for traveling to Nebraska. He was determined to be there with us next week, but God had an even better plan for him, as painful as it is for those of us who miss him.

If Eric was still alive today, he likely wouldn't have been able to travel the long distance to Kearney. But, as it's now turned out, he'll be there in spirit with his classmates.

In remembrance of Eric, I'm naming the class' golf outing next Saturday the Eric Boshart KHS Class of '69 Golf Classic. Eric was all class at whatever he did in his life, so it's only fitting that his name be associated with another classic!

We'll miss you next week, Big E. Oh, by the way, you're going to be a grandpa again, but you probably knew it even before Nathan and Cassie found out! Congratulations!

Your Friend,


06/12/09 01:09 AM #10    

Mike Blocher


You are fortunate to have the many friends who cherish you and your legacy and expressed as much in this forum. We should all be so blessed. Reading their thoughts brings me to a certain peace with the tragic and untimely end to a life well lived. Though your's was cut short, you enjoyed the nurturing of your caring parents, the bond of great friends, the love and companionship of a wonderful woman, and the priceless gift of your beautiful family.

I can still recall a little of the hell we raised as cohorts in kindergarten, resulting in a forced separation of sorts. Maybe that was a good thing. Who can say?

At any rate I'll always remember you for the intelligent, thoughtful, honest, and giving person you were.

My best to you, Eric.

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