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Tim Flesner

Tim Flesner

Tim R. Flesner  was born January 10, 1951, and passed away on November 14, 2007.

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11/12/08 07:46 PM #1    

Ted Venema

Tim and I didn't hang out during high school but we were teammates on the football field and the baseball diamond and as an athlete I always respected him as my QB and the ace of our pitching staff. It's tough to lose a friend or family member, but I found it wasn't very easy to lose a teammate either. Sorry to see him go.

Ted V

12/01/08 08:06 PM #2    

Celia Hoffman (Seastone)

Tim was always the cassenova; great looking, talented in sports and playing the drums. I hope Tim realized the potential he had and that it was recognized while he was alive. A fun classmate that will be missed. Celia

02/03/09 11:39 AM #3    

Monte Krueger

I saw Tim several times after he left Kearney and he always was looking for a happier life. I don't thing he ever found it but he cherised the time he spent on the athletic fields in Kearney and spoke of them whenever we talked.I remember Tim as a fierce competior and maybe that was his biggest demon. I miss Tim being around to relive all the good times we had.

04/24/09 10:16 AM #4    

Larry Christian

I admired Tims athetic ability and always wished I could attract the girls like him. We ran around together in grade school and would camp out in my back yard. After dark we would sneak down to A&W to get a quart of rootbeer. Tims dad was very strict and I remember one night I stayed over at his house, His dad made him read an article in a sports magazine about pitching. Seemed like seriuos business for the sixth grade. I have thought often of Tim over the years.

05/27/09 02:49 AM #5    

Mike Blocher

Tim was a unique friend. I can remember us drinking beer and watching Gunsmoke followed by Monday Night Football with his dad, Harry. "Don't fuck with Matt," Harry warned the bad guys. He was right.

One time ('74 I'm thinking) Tim and I went on an overnite fishing (drinking) trip to Harry's cabin at Harlan County Reservoir. We drove my '71 240Z. We had an ongoing dare to break the previous land speed record, then currently sitting at 124 mph held by me and Wray. Early the next morning, with a snoot full, on a rain-soaked highway, we hit 136 mph. Unbelievable! Suddenly, there appeared a bridge, sitting the least bit askew in the windshield. I gave the wheel the least little twitch to accommodate the angle and instantly lost control, sending the car spiraling down the highway. The next thing I remember was waking up in the cabin with a headache. Tim and I compared our recollections of the preceding hours. As our stories matched, we retraced our steps until we came to 'the bridge' and discovered a series of skid marks swirling for the longest distance right down the middle of the highway. Nothing but net! That could only happen in a cartoon, right?

It seems we were always testing the limits of the immortality of our youth. We always passed. Always!

We lost touch with one another the last thirty-four years or so. What happened to the immortality? I guess some of it is gone for the time being. I miss you. Whatever happens Tim, 'Don't fuck with Matt!'


07/03/09 09:48 AM #6    

John Wolf

Tim and me grew up playing little league baseball and junior high football together. We were both pitchers in baseball and quarterbacks in football. His athletic skills were much better than mine, so I was his backup in football. I remember when the ninth grade football team went to North Platte for our first game of the season. On the first play, Tim called a quarterback sneak out in the middle of the field. I thought he was nervous and wanted to make sure we didn't screw up on the first play of the game. Instead, he ran all the way for a touchdown, catching the North Platte players completely off guard, thinking it was going to be a running play off tackle!

01/06/11 05:32 PM #7    

Wayne Garrelts

 Never hung around "Flash" other than on the field! But I loved the way he wanted to "WIN" and always remember that!! Played with and against him and it was always special! Wish I could have gotten to know  you better than in "between the lines"! Got to know Harry later in life as I talked to him on the mail route-good times, good stories!! Rest easy, Friend!!! You are missed!!

08/18/12 12:52 PM #8    

Kent Hothan

I was just listening to Sunshine of Your Love and Tim came to mind. Iremember when he played with Dennis  Rick (Ithink I remember anyway)



\ IN a group (forgot the name). They played around Gibbon, Minden, Gothenburg, etc.and youth center ? Neru shirts wow. We got along he was decent to me. In my book he was a good guy. They let me shake the cymbol? every once in a while I felt like a rocker. We were all rockers   then

07/16/18 02:48 PM #9    

Randy Brown

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