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Allen Marlatt

Allen Marlatt

Allen E. Marlatt was born June 11, 1951, and passed away on March 5, 2004.

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09/10/08 04:54 PM #1    

Kathy Hiner (Woodard)

I remember when Allen and Vicki went together in junior high - they always tickled me - because I think they fought more than they cuddled.

Allen was such a macho guy - always had that funny little swagger. But he was sweet also - I am sorry he is gone.

Kathy Woodard

11/09/08 08:02 PM #2    

Dan McElhinny

Allen was my cousin I still talk to his parents once in a while. He an I fought like cats and dogs our families couldn't do Christmas togeather for years but when we became teenagers we became friends and spent many good memories togeather He was a very strong person, when he found he had cancer and not long to live he planned his own funeral and picked his own burial plot. He is missed by family and friends.

11/20/08 06:39 PM #3    

John Wolf

Allen was the star of my little league baseball team, the Rotary. He played shortstop and was the team's homerun champion. I believe Gary Paine played along side Al at second base.

Allen's dad and Dennis Morrison's father were the coaches of the team. He was a great competitor and the one person you wanted to have on your team. We miss you, Allie.

John Wolf

01/26/09 11:53 AM #4    

Gary Paine

Allen and I did play on the Rotary baseball team, along with John and Denny on the mound as he mentioned, Jerry Foote on 1st,base, and right now I can't remember who was on Third. I remember one night at the Harmond Diamond, Allen missed a easy grounder, just couldn't get it in his glove, (gloves were too big for our hands at that age) and when I said something to Al about the error, his comment back was "If you don't like it, you can lump it." Nothing ever bothered him. Spit in you glove Al.

03/22/09 08:58 AM #5    

Karen Woerman

Dear Al - -When we were in grade school (good ol' AO Thomas) he grabbed me once from the back, and I reached around and scratched his cheek (deep.) Anytime I would see Al he would point out he still had a scare left. He was a fine guy!

04/30/09 03:57 PM #6    

Kristi Swanson

As our 1999 reunion was coming to an end a guy approached me and started to tell me that I probably didn't remember him. He was wrong. Age affects your memory but not mine (yet). Of course I remember you! You're Allen Marlatt and you lived across the alley from me. We visited for awhile and then went on our way. I hope my statement was a pleasant surprise for him.
Allen always pretended to be the tough guy but I always knew he was a super nice man. The world lost a good one.


05/09/09 06:40 PM #7    

Doug Olson

I first got to know Allen as my teammate on the Rotary little league baseball team, he as the shorstop and me as third baseman. I remember John Wolf as the catcher, but have been told he was one of the pitchers....whatever...I know we had lots of fun and generally won except when playing the Cosmos. One night he spent the night at my house and my mother "short-sheeted" him as a joke, and waited outside the br door for his response. She was a bit shocked when he started cussing like a longshoreman, and Allen was only about ten at the time! Later on, we ran around a lot together; it's like we egged each on, with neither one of us having a "slow-down" button between us. We also hunted ducks out of his father's blind a lot, sometimes skipping school if it was great hunting weather. He as a fun guy with lots of enthsiasm for life bubbling around in him, and I wish he was still with us.

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