Kathy Hiner Woodard

Profile Updated: June 9, 2020
Occupation: Neighborhood Improvement Specialist
Children: Two children:

Kevin (deceased)born 1967 - d - 1995

Otis Le'Andrew Woodard - born More…1983

Four grandchildren -3 boys, Otis (Drew) age 11, 5 and one month, and a girl, Angel - age 2

New phone numbers - Home - 314-776-2822
work - 314-657-1355

Long story - I attended Central Community College and received an Associate's Degree in Business Administration. I worked on the Governor's Task Force on Domestic Violence, and in conjunction with the other women on the Task Force, was successful in persuading Nebraska to institute funding for a shelter system across Nebraska. I consequently prepared proposals for a Clay County Domestic Domestic Violence Shelter and ran that for about a year.

During that same time (around 1978)I also developed the Community Development Program for Harvard, Nebaska. We renovated over ten houses for low income persons, and I was also able to secure funding for a tennis court for the City.

From there, I went to Kansas City where I worked as a Community Development Paralegal with Legal Services. I worked with nonprofit community groups in accessing city, state and federal funding.

I worked specifically with the Welfare Rights organization and helped them to obtain funding for a food stamp issuance center. At the time, people had to stand outside in all sorts of horrible weather to obtain their stamps, a rather inhumane situation, particular if you had small children, were elderly or disabled.

So, I obtained funding for a food stamp issuance center, oversaw the actual renovation of the building, solicited and secured contracts for the tenants, and ran the food stamp center during the first couple of months.

I then remarried and moved to St. Louis where I assisted my now ex-husband in the Lutheran Outreach Center as the VicePresident of the organization. I solicited funds for the organization, organized volunteers, and assisted in the food pantry.

From there - after the divorce, I attended UMSL where I majored in Public Administration. I then started working with the City of St. Louis, working with public officials, residents and the police in addressing public safety issues and working on improving the quality of life in St. Louis. Ta - da - I am actually done with this update (smile) - Kathy

School Story:

Well, it is not from Kearney High, but from our Junior High years - I remember Valentine's Day and how all the guys would buy their favorite girl flowers and Patty McClair (I am not sure if that is the spelling on her last name) had a whole locker full of flowers. I thought wow -she must be really popular.

I also remember Reddy's grocery store and running around in the snow one evening with some of the kids throwing snow at each other and putting snow down each other's shirts.

Then I remember a beautiful fall day when we were all in the 8th grade, and a group of the girls were walking home from a football game. We were all in our little uniforms, singing We are the bearcubs, mighty, mighty bearcubs.
The sun was still warm, it was October, and I thought - What a wonderful group of people this is and what a wonderful, fabulous day in our lives.

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Happy Birthday Doug, hope you and your family are doing well!

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Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:48 PM
Bryant School - 4th and 5th graders - L to R - I am in the back row four persons in - I am standing next to Ken Whaley and on my right side is Shirley Garrelts. Mary George is two persons to the past Mrs. Edwards and Rick Houchin is by Mary George. Barb Franz is the second person in the second row, and Betty Schroeder is sitting next to her. On the first row of boys, Dick Hindalong is the 6th person from the left, sitting next to Gale Epps. I vaguely recall some of the other faces, but this was a combined class of 4th and 5th graders. Kathy Hiner Woodard
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:48 PM
Kathy and sons, Kevin and Andy