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Debbie Lewis (Happold)

Debbie Lewis (Happold)

Debra A. Lewis Happold was born September 16, 1951, and passed away on January 28, 2004, from breast cancer complications.  She was living in Grand Island at the time of her death.

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11/20/08 06:34 PM #1    

John Wolf

I always felt close to Debbie. During our senior year, she was the editor of the Log and I held the same position for the Echo. We'd sometimes share the challenges of the job with each other. Debbie was easy to talk to because she wasn't judgmental or critical. She was a very kind and caring person. Those who knew her have missed her.

12/12/08 08:22 AM #2    

Celia Hoffman (Seastone)

Debbie, a big sister to everyone. She always positioned herself as a "peace-maker" to friends and family.
At a time when irrelevant bikering would sometimes be the norm among friends, Deb's negotiating skills placed her decades ahead of the rest of us.
She fiercely protected her siblings, Darla and Eddie, as well as her loyalty to all of us.
I remember learning at the last reunion that Debbie was gravely ill. I knew she would fight the biggest battle with honor and dignity.
If she was still with us, she would be remembering every little detail of our class. Yet she still has much to teach us about finding the peace within ourselves.
I know, Debbie, you have found your peace.

01/05/09 07:37 PM #3    

Randy Brown

Deb was one of the "Pioneer Park neighborhood family of kids". She lived across the street on the south east corner from the park. If you skinned your knee, Deb would run you over to her house to get a band-aid from her mom. In those days, everyone's kids had all their friends parents to help look after them. Maybe that is where the caring part of Deb that Celia was talking about came from. Deb always knew when her parents had been looking after my "well being". Those are stories for another time. Thanks again Deb, for the party and dance that you invited me to at your house.

01/19/09 04:49 PM #4    

Dick Barney

Debbie and I were another part of the Pioneer Park kids. I lived on 1 corner and she lived on the other. I visited her dad's store many times and probably got many of my cavities from that store. But Deb was so much fun and had a smile and laugh that would melt your bad mood. I wish I had been around Kearney when she and I had all grown up. What a classy person she was. I miss her too.


02/03/09 02:43 AM #5    

Kathy Hiner (Woodard)

I remember Debbie as such a kind person. When I was so sick in the hospital and pregnant at the ripe old age of sixteen, she came to see me and visited with me for awhile. I really appreciated her kindness at a time when I felt so vulnerable.

I am sorry she is gone, I will miss seeing her smiling face at the reunion.

06/15/09 01:34 AM #6    

Terry Christlieb

Just a genuinely nice girl when I knew her. She was always unassuming, and projected peace and good will.

07/14/09 11:25 PM #7    

Barb Franz (Meyer)

Debbie- I tear up everytime I read the last page of the log. You remembered the past, made the most of the present, and tried to prepare us for the future. Job well done, Debbie, see ya later.

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